Most people think of parrots strictly as large birds, requiring more space than many homes have to offer. But according to pet expert Marc Morrone, there are several beautiful varieties of parrots, such as poicephalus, convres, and parakeets, that require less space and make excellent pets.

Caring for these birds is relatively simple. Choose a cage large enough to accommodate an array of toys and perches, including a concrete perch to help the bird keep its nails trimmed, and make sure the cage has a grill across the bottom. The cage's door should be large enough so that both your hand and the bird can move easily in and out. Marc also suggests investing in a cover that fits over the cage completely, which will help your bird sleep.

Provide a daily assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables, and good-quality parrot pellets and seeds (because these birds tend to become overweight, you may want to try low-fat pellets). And remember to wash out your bird's food and water dishes every day; doing so will help protect the bird from disease.

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Martha Stewart Member
March 30, 2011
Our "Children and Pets" episode is available online here: In that episode, Marc talked about birds that make kid-friendly pets.
Martha Stewart Member
January 21, 2011
I w3ould love to get a green-cheekd conure or a rose crested cockatoo. However, I'm worried how a new bird and my 3 yr. old cockatiel would get along. Any tips?