As dogs age, it's not as easy for them to get around the house as it was when they were puppies.

Oftentimes older pets will stress their joints while trying to retrieve a toy or get to their favorite napping spot. One way to help your senior pets access hard-to-reach places like a couch or bed is to outfit your home with ramps and stairs.

In addition to making adjustments to his home, Marc gives glucosamine supplements to his senior dogs every day. These all-natural pills made of shellfish shells coat a dog's joints and ease pain.

It's important for petkeepers to realize that our dogs want to please us no matter their age -- they'll still try to jump on the couch if we ask them to, even if their aging bodies are not cooperating.

Exercise is crucial to a dog's health, but be mindful of your pet's life stage: As he gets older, let him walk instead of run, and punctuate a few minutes of play with plenty of time for rest.

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Martha Stewart Member
September 27, 2014
I use K9 Liquid Health Glucosamine which is organic and absorbs into the system quickly. It has excellent ingredients including HA. I see results within 4 days of starting a dog on it. There is also a Level 5000 for big dogs and for particularly elevated conditions. Check it out!!