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Japanese Flower Arranging

The Martha Stewart Show, January 2011

When Martha attended the Japan Bloom Fair at New York's Japan Society, she was blown away by the spectacular arrangements of NOIR Hanna International floral designer Kenji Takenaka. Using more than 200 varieties of beautiful cut flowers grown in Japan, Kenji transformed the event space into a distinctive modern setting that exemplified his refined, sophisticated aesthetic.

Japanese flowers are known worldwide for their high quality, a result of the island country's excellent climate conditions, advanced floriculture techniques, and perfectionist culture. The popularity of Japanese blooms can be credited to their strong health, hardy nature, and vast range of color.

To create a contemporary "East Meets West" style arrangement, Kenji recommends using a mix of flowers such as sweetpeas, ranunculus, dahlias, and orchids in dramatic single-color palettes.

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