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Destructive Bird Tips

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Fact is, birds chew, explore, and are, by nature, destructive creatures. But while you can't stop a bird from destroying things, there are strategies you can put in place to help cope with its behavior. Animal expert Marc Morrone offers these simple solutions to common issues with pet birds.

Chewing on Plastic Cups
Birds will chew on objects whether you want them to or not. If a plastic cup is the target, switch to something that won't be as appealing: a stainless-steel cup bolted to the side of the cage. Not only will it prevent him from chewing the cup, your bird won't be able to move the cup -- and dump food everywhere.

Putting Junk in the Water Cup
Some birds like to put bits of food, shredded paper, and stray items from the bottom of the cage into their water cup. They could just be doing a bit of investigating, but birds don't realize that they are making their own water undrinkable. An easy fix: using a glass water bottle made for birds. Start by mounting the bottle outside the cage over the water dish. Give your bird a week to become familiar with the water bottle, then stop putting water in the dish. He'll quickly learn to drink out of the water bottle instead. (Cleaning Tip: Remember to take the bottle apart and rinse with soap and water every day, even if it appears clean.)

Destroying Wooden Perch
If you don't want your bird to chew up her wooden perch, a metal perch is not the answer. Try a java wood perch, which is nearly indestructible and is better for birds' feet than a metal one would be. Since birds do need to chew on wood, be sure to have wooden toys inside the cage that he can gnaw on and destroy.

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