How to care for your pet bird's feathers, nails, and beak

Grooming is just as important for birds as it is for dogs and cats. Keep your pet bird looking its best with these simple tips for tending to feathers, nails, and beaks from pet expert Marc Morrone.

Spray Feathers

Feathers are trickier to care for than fur and need quite a bit of care. To help maintain smooth and tight feathers, mist your bird with warm water from a plant mister daily.

Nail Conditioning

For nice, dull, and healthy nails, file your bird's talons with an emery board once a week. If, however, your feathered friend is not very cooperative, try a nail-conditioning perch. Place the sand-coated bar in the cage, where it will act like an emery board, taking the point off your bird's nails as he goes on and off it. As for cutting nails -- it's best to leave that to the professionals.

Beak Care

Not all bird beaks will overgrow, and cage accessories like a cuttle bone can be used for beak health -- when the bird gnaws on it, the chewing process will keep the beak in good condition. If your bird's beak is overgrowing, turn to a certified avian veterinarian who specializes in beaks and nails to do the trimming.


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