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Apartment Dogs

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A dog provides love and affection like no other pet, but a 100-pound Great Dane in a 30-square-foot studio apartment is not the best scenario. Pet expert Marc Morrone shares some tips on choosing the right dogs for urban living.

According to Marc, short-haired dogs that are small when fully grown, such as Boston terriers, dachshunds, or Italian greyhounds, make good pets for apartment dwellers, as they can get the exercise they need in small spaces and don't require frequent trips to the groomer. You should, of course, obtain the approval of your landlord or co-op board before selecting a pet.

Marc recommends visiting local animal shelters or consulting publications, such as "Dog World," for lists of reliable breeders. Adopting an older dog of 5 or 6 years from an animal shelter or a breed-rescue program is also a wonderful option, especially for potential dog owners who work and don't have the time to train a puppy.

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