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Turn unused wool sweaters into adorable felted baby blocks with this simple how-to from crafter Kirsten Earl.

Resources: Foam cubes available at some craft stores and can be custom cut by


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Shrink and felt sweaters: Wash the sweaters in a washing machine with plenty of detergent and hot water. Some sweaters may require several washings to get the best result. Dry in clothes dryer on high heat.

Step 2

Use a sweater comb to remove pills and soften felted sweaters.

Step 3

Measure sides of foam cube and cut a square from mat board or cardboard to match dimensions. Use this template to cut 6 squares from various felted sweaters with a rotary cutter.

Step 4

Sew five squares together into a cube with a blanket stitch, leaving off the sixth side.

Step 5

Cut into foam cube with utility knife, and stuff caged bell cat toy into center. Stuff foam cube into stitched squares. Attach last square with a blanket stitch, securing foam inside.


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