Although they're not usually associated with each other, pigeons and doves are, biologically speaking, almost the same bird.

With proper care, both can make wonderful pets that can provide many years of companionship. Their needs are relatively simple: House them in a large cage (about 18 inches long), with a large door for easy access and a bottom grill for cleanup.

Feed them a commercial seed mix specially designed for pigeons and doves, and provide a dish of grit to help them digest the seeds. Round out their diet with a water-soluble vitamin supplement and some fresh greens. In addition to drinking water, provide a bathing dish, or mist them daily; these birds love to bathe.


Learn more about the American Racing Pigeon Union.

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February 24, 2011
A friend of mine gave me a ring-necked dove which turned out to be a male. When he matured, he started cooeing most of the day and even though I covered his cage in the evening, he would again start to coo 3:00 am pretty much nonstop. I assume he needs a mate! Do females also coo nonstop?