Cats are generally clean animals, but sometimes they need a little help.

In order to prevent a cat's hair from tangling or matting, it's best to give him or her daily grooming attention. You'll need a wide-toothed comb for the coat and a fine-toothed comb for the face, ears, feet, and under the throat. To maintain a glossy coat, try a light sprinkle of grooming powder once a week to keep the hair fluffy and prevent dirt from sticking.

It's also important to regularly trim a cat's nails. Using a stainless steel scissor-style clipper, push the cat's claws out and clip off the tip. In case you accidentally cut too far, keep a coagulating powder on hand to stop any bleeding.

Another overlooked aspect of a cat's health is oral hygiene. It's best to use a fingertip toothbrush with a dab of cat toothpaste and massage gently around the teeth and gums. Should you notice any dirt around your cat's eyes, try removing it with a cotton swab dipped in ear cleaning solution.

Marc also recommends regular bathing for your cat, although because they're afraid of running water, you'll need to try a different approach. Have three buckets ready; in the first bucket, add a small amount of cat shampoo. Gently lower your cat into the bucket, allowing it to rest their paws on the side. Lather the coat with a sponge, lift the cat out, and place it in a second bucket filled with warm water. Give the cat a final rinse in a third bucket of warm water, dry with a towel, and blow dry the fur on a low setting.


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