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Guidelines you should follow when owning a finch

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Finches can be fairly high-maintenance pets, but the extra effort is rewarded by the birds' rare beauty and years of companionship. If you decide to keep a finch in your home, there are a few basic guidelines you should follow.

According to pet expert Marc Morrone, finches do especially well in pairs, but they need ample space to move around, so their cages should be at least 14 inches long. Avoid round cages, which don't provide enough room for the birds to exercise properly. Equip your bird's cage with a nest, a greens clip, a cuttlebone, and a concrete perch on which it can keep its nails filed. Because finches are prone to bacterial infections, it's essential to change your cage's paper liner daily and wash the perches and grillwork at least once a week.

Marc recommends a daily diet of a good-quality fresh seed mix, millet sprays, leafy greens; as an occasional treat, finches enjoy fresh fruit and a bit of mashed, hard-boiled egg. Be sure to provide a constant supply of fresh water with a vitamin supplement, and wash out all your bird's dishes with soap and water once a day.

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