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Sparkling Wine 101

Everyday Food, December 2010

Don't save bubbly for special occasions -- the range of sweetness means sparkling wines are ideal anytime.

Brut/Extra Brut

Brut indicates that the wine contains little or no sweetness. It's the most popular style of sparkling wine as it pairs well with almost any food. Extra brut wines are even drier.

Extra Dry

A sparkling wine made in this style is a shade sweeter than one labeled brut. It makes a lovely aperitif paired with light appetizers.


Sec, which means dry in French, is incredibly versatile and wonderful mixed with juice, like in our Grapefruit-White Wine Sparkler, or with a liqueur.


Bubblies labeled sweet or demi-sec are good dessert wines because they're made from grapes that contain more sugar. Sip them with a subtly sweet dessert, like berries or pound cake.

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