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At Your Convenience: Cheese Tortellini

Everyday Food, December 2010

Try these little filled dumplings in place of regular pasta to give your favorite dishes a cheesy boost.

Shopping TipsĀ 

Find cheese tortellini in the frozen or refrigerated section of your grocery store. Those stuffed with meat or vegetables will also work in the following recipes.

Read labels: We preferred the flavor of those made with the least number of ingredients.

Refrigerate tortellini for up to a week, or freeze for up to 2 months.

Quick Ideas

  • Fry in a shallow pan of oil and serve with marinara for dipping.
  • Skewer with cherry tomatoes for a party snack.
  • Toss cooled tortellini with chopped olives, chives, and lemon juice for a pasta salad.
  • Mix with pesto and toasted pine nuts.


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