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Sugar "Plums" Holiday Centerpiece

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2010


These glistening fruits appeared in Martha's first Christmas book and in the premiere issue of Martha Stewart Living. "It's a beautiful centerpiece that anyone can make," says creative director Eric Pike.

We updated it with coarse sanding sugar, a large-crystal sugar that adds extra sparkle. Use fruit that's firm, dry, and at room temperature.


  • Fruit, such as apples, pears, quinces, and citrus

  • Pastry brush

  • Egg whites

  • Spoon

  • Sanding sugar

  • Parchment paper

  • Baking sheet


  1. Brush lightly beaten egg whites onto a piece of fruit.

  2. Spoon with sanding sugar to coat.

  3. Let fruit dry on a parchment-lined baking sheet for at least 3 hours before displaying.

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