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Ribbon Christmas Trees

Turn basic ribbon into a beautiful tabletop decoration for the holidays with this simple how-to.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, December 2010



  • Velvet ribbon (22mm or 16mm wide)

  • Fabric scissors

  • Gold cardstock

  • Craft knife or paper cutter

  • Adhesive tape roller or fabric glue

  • Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks


  1. To create each tier of the tree, cut ribbon (22mm or 16mm wide) with fabric scissors and cut cardstock strips (3/4-inch wide for 22mm ribbon or 1/2-inch wide for 16mm ribbon) with craft knife or paper cutter according to the following specifications:

    • Tier 1: 18 6-inch pieces
    • Tier 2: 15 5.5-inch pieces
    • Tier 3: 12 5-inch pieces
    • Tier 4: 12 4.5-inch pieces
    • Tier 5: 12 4-inch pieces
    • Tier 6: 12 3.5-inch pieces
    • Tier 7: 12 3-inch pieces
    • Tier 8: 12 2.5-inch pieces
    • Tier 9: 10 2-inch pieces
    • Tier 10: 8 1.5-inch pieces
    • Tier 11: 6 1-inch pieces
    • Topper: 3 1-inch pieces

    Tip: For a shorter tree, start the process at tier #5.

  2. Adhere each length of cardstock to the back of each corresponding length of ribbon with adhesive tape or fabric glue.

  3. Bring ends of each piece of paper-backed ribbon together and secure with hot glue to form teardrop shape. Repeat for each piece of ribbon in each tier.

  4. For each tier of ribbon loops, hot-glue pointed ends of each teardrop-shaped loop together to form a rosette. For the topper, hot-glue the three 1-inch loops together to form a half-rosette.

  5. Once glue has dried, hot-glue each rosette at its center on top of the others in order of decreasing size to form the tree. Glue topper on last. Pinch loops to form pointed branches.

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