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Breed-rescue organizations can be an attractive resource for potential dog owners.

Martha Stewart Living Television, February 2001

Finding the perfect dog doesn't have to mean buying one from a pet store or a breeder; breed-rescue organizations also offer attractive options to potential dog owners. According to pet expert Marc Morrone, breed-rescue organizations differ from animal shelters because each one typically focuses on a specific breed -- such as greyhounds, rottweilers, dachshunds, or retrievers -- and contains dogs ranging in age from puppies to adults. 

At most breed-rescue organizations, the staff assesses a dog's temperament, health, and level of training before deciding if it's a good candidate for adoption; each dog is also examined, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered. After evaluation, many animals are placed in foster homes for further observation, and when it is determined that a dog is suitable for adoption, prospective owners are interviewed thoroughly -- a process that may involve one or more home visits. 

Dogs Featured on the Show

  • Molly, owned by Lynn Whittaker
  • Rascal, owned by Charlene Gresh
  • Three boxer/bullmastiff puppies, fostered by Lynn Whittaker
  • Missy, owned by Tina Fancher
  • Tessie, owned by Jenn Rogers
  • Zeus, owned by Dawn White 

Dog Rescue Organizations

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