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Pet Carrier Tips

Turn your pet's carrier into a place he wants to be.

Petkeeping Television, January 2011

The key to stress-free travel with pets is to make their carriers safe, fun, and comfortable places. Try incorporating the carrier into feeding time to establish positive connections with it, leave it out in their play area with some treats inside, or take short practice trips to acquaint them with the space. 

Once the unknown becomes known, they will have nothing to worry about and will go inside the carrier voluntarily.

Pet Carrier Tips and Tricks
Safety first: Some carriers can pop open accidentally even when locked. A securely fastened zip tie is the simplest and best solution.

Make it fun: Placing shredded paper on the bottom of the carrier serves a few purposes -- your pet will enjoy playing around in it, and the paper won't shift and bunch up like blankets or towels, which limit movement. Plus, the paper will absorb any toilet accidents.

First-class comfort: While food and water might make our pets more comfortable during travel, a wet and messy carrier will not. Instead of placing dishes on the floor of the carrier, secure a small dish to the inside of the grate and affix a hamster water bottle to the outside with the nozzle pointed in. 

Find out the pet-travel policies for several of the major air carriers.

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