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A Perfect Pot of Boeuf Bourguignon Soup

Martha Stewart Living, December 2010


If the oh-so-french boeuf bourguignon married a humble pot of beef noodle soup, this dish would be their offspring. Our Boeuf Bourguignon Soup combines the best of both parents: the glamour and gorgeousness of a long-simmering, beefy-winey stew, and the old-school practicality of a from-scratch soup made largely with pantry and fridge basics.

This easy, crowd-pleasing dish is perfect to have up your sleeve from the start of the busy holiday season through the winter, when comforting meals are what we crave. It can nourish a hungry family or wow dinner-party guests. Luscious short ribs bring a richness to the broth, while carrots, shallots, celery, and mushrooms layer in flavor and fill the eat-your-veggies role. As everything simmers in beef stock and red wine -- punctuated with a hint of thyme and bay leaf -- the enticing aroma will fill your home. You can even prepare this dish a day or two ahead; it just gets better with a little time.

Bring the pot of boeuf bourguignon soup from the stove to the table for an inviting, informal buffet. Let guests decide how substantial a serving of egg noddles they'd like. Serve it with bread that's been slathered in butter laced with horseradish, a classic garnish for the French stew. Then pour some red wine -- from either side of the Franco-American family.


Text by Lucinda Scala Quinn

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