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Easy Holly Candles

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2010


Applying wax holly leaves and berries to ordinary store-bought pillars transforms them into a seasonal (and special) gift. This project takes no time at all, and you can easily make multiples.


  • Double boiler

  • White wax crayon

  • 1-inch sponge brush

  • Holly leaves


  1. Melt 1 cup beeswax chips in double boiler. Make wax bright white by adding half of crayon.

  2. Using sponge brush, spread several thin layers of wax onto back of a holly leaf.

  3. While wax is still warm, press coated side of leaf firmly onto pillar.

  4. Immediately peel off leaf, leaving wax casting on pillar.

  5. Make berries by dripping wax from brush onto a hard surface until a ball forms. Lift with craft knife, and press onto leaves.

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