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Pine, Magnolia, and Mesh-Wrapped Silver Ball Garland

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2010


Hung loosely around a doorway, playful garlands of pine boughs, magnolia leaves, and mesh-wrapped silver balls work like party streamers, setting a festive tone for holiday merrymaking.


  • Silver balls

  • Mesh ribbon


  1. Create strands 3 feet longer than the height of the door frame.

  2. Connect pine branches with floral wire. Use glue dots to attach overlapping magnolia leaves.

  3. String beads onto silver wire, then slide on mesh, twisting mesh around each bead.

  4. Knot 8- to 10-inch lengths of silver ribbon at random intervals.

  5. Attach strands to door frame using monofilament and nails, then weave them together.

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