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Cedar Arrangement with Paperwhites

Create an intimate woodland effect around your mantel with arching branches of fresh -- and wonderfully aromatic -- blue Atlas cedar

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2010


The cedar's spiky needles contrast with the grace of its weeping form and the delicate paperwhites at the branches' base. The bluish cast of the branches sets off touches of red, gray, and silver around the room. (To keep the branches from drying out, add water daily as you would to a Christmas tree.)


  • Paperwhite bulbs

  • Reindeer moss

  • Floral foam

  • Vintage ribbon, 1 1/8", in Silver


  1. Place a bucket inside a planter, and adhere floral foam to bucket using waterproof floral tape.

  2. Insert branch into foam, and fill planter with foam; then place tightly packed pots of paperwhites around the base.

  3. Cover tops of bucket and pots with reindeer moss.

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