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Ribbon Pomander

Photography: Sivan Lewin

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings


The striped ribbon on this easy-to-carry accessory inspired the stripe in the pomander itself (and is used as a sash on the flower girl's dress).


  • 3-inch ball of floral foamĀ 

  • Two 18-inch-pieces of 22-gauge floral wire

  • Water

  • 18-inch length of ribbon

  • Colored roses

  • Cream or white roses


  1. Wrap a 3-inch ball of floral foam with two 18-inch pieces of 22-gauge floral wire, crisscrossing to divide ball into quarters; twist ends together, and curl into a 1-inch loop.

  2. Soak foam in water. Cut flower stems to 1 1/2 inches. Insert two rows of colored roses around ball, then add cream or white roses to fill. For handle, tie 18-inch length of ribbon to loop.

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