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Bridesmaids' Update

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings


Bridesmaids -- an important part of a wedding as well as of the bride's life -- should be put in touch with each other early and then kept abreast of all the wedding plans as they develop.


  • Photograph of bridesmaid dress

  • Swatch of fabric from bridesmaid dress

  • Photo or sketch of bridesmaid shoes

  • Paper


  1. Send out a letter complete with all the fine points they will need to know: Begin by listing the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all the bridesmaids (they will be thankful when it comes time to plan the shower).

  2. Also include a photograph of the bridesmaid dress, a swatch of the fabric, any information about fittings, and a photo or sketch of the bridesmaid shoes. Finally, a few fond words from the bride will make them feel special -- as all bridesmaids should.

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