Do you want an engagement ring as multifaceted as you are? Design your own bauble that both celebrates your love and reflects your creative streak. Many jewelers will work with you to fashion a unique setting: At Cartier, you can pair loose stones with one of four classic settings; at Leviev, choose from different shapes and sizes to find the diamond that suits you best; Varna, Graff, and Katharine James can customize your ring's band and setting; and Royal Asscher lets you have your wedding date or a private sentiment laser-inscribed on your diamond.

1. Cartier 1895 Solitaire in Platinum

2. Brilliant-Cut D Diamond with Pear-Shaped Diamonds, Leviev.

3. Contessa ring set in platinum, Varna.

4. Cushion-cut diamond with pav band set in platinum, Graff.

5. Juliets maiden ring set in platinum, Katharine James, $6,700.

6. Harry Winston, Harry Winston.

7. Royal Asscher deco three-stone engagement ring, Royal Asscher, from $17,000.

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Martha Stewart Member
September 27, 2010
The ring epitomizes a betrothal gift to the spouse and the significance of diamond engagement ring is unique to represent formal agreement. It is assertive that nothing else will make your loved one to get accorded than a diamond ring. Cushion cut diamond engagement rings
Martha Stewart Member
December 18, 2009
I'm also wondering about that is THE VERY MOST PERFECT ring with the rose gold...I also did not think it looked anything like the ring labeled Contessa at the Varna website. WHAT'S UP MARTHA!??? Can someone check the identity of that ring???
Martha Stewart Member
March 27, 2009
has anyone figured out what ring number 3 really is?
Martha Stewart Member
January 5, 2009
The pink part is where the diamonds are set in rose gold rather than platinum. I LOVE IT!!! This is my dream ring!
Martha Stewart Member
November 16, 2008
I agree!! This is the EXACT engagement ring I have been dreaming of! It wasn't on the site, and I am utterly disappointed! How upsetting :(
Martha Stewart Member
October 8, 2008
I'm trying to find the Varna ring because it is the exact engagement ring I have been looking for but the Contessa ring on the website is an entirely different cut and setting and I'm wondering if it has been mislabeled.