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Bells of the Ball

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2009


Boring shoes? Saved by the bell! The idea: Dye plain white satin slippers in a pretty color to match your wedding palette, and sew a smattering of bells, along with some ribbon, on them. Your flower girl will love waltzing down the aisle with a ring in her step!

Dyeable satin ballet slippers, Butterfly Kisses Children's Boutique, 13- and 18-millimeter white "Miracle" bells and 11-millimeter nickel "Liberty" bells, all from Toho Shoji N.Y.

You'll love the sound of this -- three ways to tie bells to their shoes.

Bow and Bell
Thread ribbon through bells, tie, and sew the bow to the shoe's front.

Mary Janes
Cut a piece of ruffled elastic to fit over the slipper's center, and stitch it to either side; sew a bell-bearing bow (string ribbon through bells, and tie) to the outer edge.

Ballet Wrap
Knot bells to ends of a 20- to 24-inch-long ribbon, sew the middle to the heel, and make a bow; stitch to secure.

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