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Donating Food

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings


Give a wedding gift of your own to people less fortunate.
Many food banks across the country will pick up chilled leftovers of unserved food from your rehearsal dinner or reception. Speak with your caterers in advance so they can make the necessary arrangements. If they have done this before, they may know just whom to call. If not, you may need to do research in your area to arrange for this. Some questions to ask the charity:

1. What are the guidelines for donating prepared and perishable foods?
2. How does the food need to be prepared, packed, and stored?
3. Can your organization pick up the food, or does it need to be dropped off?
4. Can pickup or delivery take place the day after the event?
5. Is my donation tax-deductible? Can your organization provide a receipt?

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