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Daisy Welcome Wreath

Source: Good Things for Weddings 2004, Special Issue 2004


Handfuls of daisies make a wreath that's neither formal nor fussy; it is just as sunny and optimistic as a wedding day should be.


  • Green floral wire

  • Paddle

  • Marguerite daisies

  • Scissors


  1. Secure the end of green floral wire on a paddle to a double-wire wreath form, lay a handful of Marguerite daisies (do not trim greenery) down on top of the form, and wrap the wire around the stems and the wreath form several times to secure; do not cut the wire.

  2. Add a second bunch of daisies, overlapping the stems of the first bunch, and secure the new bunch with the floral wire.

  3. Continue adding bunches of daisies until the wreath form is filled; be sure to tuck the last bunch's stems under the first bunch's blooms. Then cut the floral wire, and wrap it around the form to secure.

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