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Acorn Earrings

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings, Fall 2009


These earrings for your bridesmaids boast BFF-worthy qualities (they're hip, handmade, and look expensive) -- yet they cost just a few dollars.

The charming illustrations for the backing were created for us by Virginia-based illustrator Katy Jean May. If you like the style but want something different, you can commission her to draw something for you. Reach her at 215-356-9513.

Ours are sized to fit into a 2-1/8- by-3-inch jewelry box. The images are designed to have the larger white space toward the bottom of the box.


  1. With a pushpin, poke hole through acorn cap from underneath.

  2. Slide bead and cap onto a jewelry finding called a head pin.

  3. With needle-nose pliers, make a loop just above the cap, and cut away extra wire.

  4. Slide a hook on.

  5. Download Tree Card 1

  6. Use a small Japanese hole punch to make two holes along each branch for the earrings.

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