Credit: Charles Schiller

Embellish your bouquet with glass, shell, or pearly buttons -- or choose vintage ones to serve as "something old."

Seen on Bouquet

These oval buttons stay on without thread or glue. To attach them, thread an 8-inch length of narrow ribbon down through one button hole, around the bouquet's ribbon, and up through the other hole; tie a bow and trim ends. Repeat for other tail.

Seen on Ribbons

For the first and third ribbon, run needle and thread in and out of holes in each button to create "stitches," but do not sew buttons to the ribbon; instead, glue them in place with fabric glue, and trim ribbon ends.

For the second ribbon, stack several buttons and stitch them together; cut ribbon end straight, fold corners in, and glue in place with the button stack on top.

For the fourth ribbon, cut ribbon end straight, and fold it up by about two inches, then fold the corners in; glue in place with a single button on top.

For the fifth ribbon, thread a narrow ribbon in and out of buttons, lay the button chain on wide ribbon, tuck ends under, and glue in place; trim ribbon ends into a curved notch.

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