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Straw Gifts

A few minutes of embroidery will turn plain woven-grass accessories, such as these slippers and this small basket, into keepsakes for your bridesmaids. 

Photography: Reed Davis

Source: Martha Stewart


Add luxurious bath products to the basket to soothe your friends after the wedding day.


  • Colored raffia

  • Woven grass accessories

  • Large craft needle


  1. The decoration is made from colored raffia, which is sewn onto the woven straw using a large craft needle.

  2. The petals are single, large stitches; spreading open the crinkled raffia at the middle of each gives it a petal shape.

  3. The flower's center can be made with satin stitches, as on the lid, or a tuft of four knotted strands inserted from below, seen on the slippers.

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