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Decoupage Map Tray

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, December 2010


Turn an antiqued map (or decorative paper) into a stylish tray with artist Ben Busko's easy decoupage method.


  • Martha Stewart Crafts decoupage¬†

  • Paintbrush

  • Glass tray

  • Painter's spatula

  • Craft knife

  • White 28-pound paper

  • White acrylic paint

  • Black spray paint or black acrylic paint

  • Silver paint pen

  • Felt

  • Spray-mount adhesive


  1. Apply decoupage medium in even brushstrokes over back surface of glass tray. Lay map or paper face down onto prepared surface. Adhere map or paper to tray, pressing at center and working out towards edges; leave the corners for last. Use a painter's spatula to smooth out any air bubbles and creases. Let tray dry for 45 minutes.

  2. Trim excess paper from edges with a craft knife. Let dry completely, then apply a second background layer of white paper with decoupage medium; let dry. Paint back of tray with white acrylic paint and then finish with a coat of black spray paint or black acrylic paint. Line the edge of the tray with a silver paint pen.

  3. To make the tray safe for tabletops, cut a piece of felt slightly smaller than tray. Adhere felt to back of tray with spray-mount adhesive and smooth, working from center to edges.

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