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Leather Cuff Bracelets

This sophisticated leather cuff from Gillian Stevens of Dewdrops Designs can be made for less than $15. Give to fashion-forward friends for a stylish Handmade Holiday Gift.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, December 2010


  • Surface (decorative) leather

  • Tooling leather

  • Grid ruler

  • 45-mm rotary blade

  • Leather glue

  • Edging solution

  • 1/2-inch cuff bracelet clasp


  1. Cut a 2 1/2-by-10-inch piece of surface leather, using a grid ruler as a guide (makes 4 to 5 bracelets).

  2. Using leather glue, glue cut surface leather piece to a slightly larger piece of tooling leather, rough side to rough side. Smooth with hands to remove bubbles. Let dry overnight.

  3. With craft knife, trim tooling leather around surface leather to make one neat strip. Use utility knife and grid ruler to cut the glued leather into 10-inch-long by 1/2-inch-wide strips. Apply edging solution to sides of each bracelet strip, starting at the top and pulling the solution towards you as carefully as possible to prevent getting any on leather.

  4. Trim leather strips to desired bracelet size, accounting for size of clasp. Position leather strips into clasps; secure with leather glue.

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