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Santa and Snowmen Bars

Put your littlest elves to work making the fingerprint-stamped faces.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2010


Simply rewrap store-bought chocolate bars to make these cheerful little confections.


  • Chocolate bars

  • Ivory, white, and orange text-weight paper

  • Red vellum

  • White pom-poms

  • Glue stick

  • Black, pink, and red ink pads

  • Scalloped paper coasters

  • Yarn


  1. Wrap bar in ivory paper, taping seams. Wrap lower third in vellum; tape. For hat, wrap top 1/2 inch of bar in a 2 1/2-inch-wide strip of vellum; tape, fold sides inward to create a point, and secure with more tape. Glue white pom-pom to point. Press pinky onto black ink, and stamp eyes. Press index finger onto red ink, and stamp nose. Press thumb onto pink ink, and stamp cheeks. Cut a wide triangle from double layer of coasters for beard; trim pointed ends to round them and glue layers together, under nose. For mouth, glue a sliver of red vellum onto beard.

  2. Wrap bar in white paper, taping seams. Dip pinky in black ink, and stamp eyes and mouth. Glue on small triangle of orange paper for nose. For scarf, wrap yarn around bar twice; knot, and trim to desired length.

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