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Hanging Clay Santa

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, December 2010


Brighten your home this holiday with the friendly visage of old St. Nick, shaped from soft clay. The how-to comes from Yukiko Miyai, owner of the DECO Clay Craft Academy Honolulu.


  • 1/2-inch Styrofoam sheets

  • White glue

  • Three 4.8-ounce packages white ClayCraft soft clay

  • One 1.9-ounce package red ClayCraft soft clay

  • One 1.9-ounce package yellow ClayCraft soft clay

  • Roller bar

  • Clay cutter

  • Clay-detailing sticks

  • Clay-texturizing brush

  • Acrylic paint in black and pink

  • Paintbrush

  • Red glitter

  • Hanging hook


  1. Enlarge and print clay Santa clip art; trace and cut each piece from Styrofoam with a craft knife or utility knife. Use toothpicks and glue to attach beard piece over bottom of head piece.

  2. Mix flesh-colored clay by kneading tiny bits of red and yellow into a package of white clay. On a flat surface, roll out flesh-colored clay to about 1/4 inch thick with a roller bar. Place rolled-out clay over face area of Styrofoam base, molding over sides. Trim excess clay with clay cutter.

  3. Roll white clay to 1/4 inch, and mold around beard area in the same way. Roll red clay to cover hat area of Styrofoam.

  4. Make a 1-inch round ball for the nose with flesh-colored clay. Use white clay to shape two teardrops for the eyebrows. Glue nose and eyebrows on face.

  5. To create beard and moustache, shape pieces of white clay into long teardrops in various sizes. Make cuts along middle of teardrop with clay-detailing sticks to create texture. Attach teardrop shapes to face for mustache, and use teardrop shapes to fill in beard.

  6. With white clay, create trim for bottom of hat and pom-pom for top of hat; rub with texturizing brush to create a "fuzzy" appearance.

  7. Paint two dots for eyes with black paint; add blush on cheeks with pink paint.

  8. Brush glue onto red part of hat and sprinkle with red glitter. When clay and paint have dried, add hanging hook to back of Styrofoam.

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