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Egg-Corn Decorations

Lush velvet ribbon and liquid leaf add an elegant touch to these delicate holiday egg decorations.

Source: Martha Stewart's Holiday Open House, December 2010


Resources: Blown goose eggs from The Feathered Egg. Liquid Leaf in gold from Plaid. Velvet ribbon from Masterstroke.


  • Goose, duck, or chicken eggs, cleaned, with insides blown out

  • Liquid Leaf in gold

  • Paintbrush

  • Velvet ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks

  • Screw punch or small hole punch


  1. Holding top (larger) end of egg, paint egg three quarters of the way up from bottom (smaller) end with gold Liquid Leaf. Let this first coat dry, then paint with a second coat.

  2. Cut a 1 1/4-inch length of velvet ribbon. Make a ribbon triangle by using hot glue to attach bottom corners to center of ribbon. Repeat to make approximately 50 velvet ribbon triangles for a goose egg (fewer for a duck or chicken egg).

  3. Use hot glue to attach velvet ribbon triangles in rows around egg, starting 1/3 of the way down from top of egg, covering where the paint ends. Add each row on top of the last in a staggered, shingled pattern.

  4. Create a hanging loop with velvet ribbon and attach to top with hot glue.

  5. Make a small ribbon "X" with two pieces of velvet ribbon. Finish ends of "X" by gluing into points. Punch a hole at intersection of "X" and feed loop through hole. Glue "X" in place at top of ornament.

  6. Glue "X" in place at top of ornament.

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