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Best Organic Salsas

Body+Soul, April/May 2007

This zesty and healthy chip topper is fast becoming America's favorite condiment. But since all salsas are not created equal, we sought out the best organic mild, hot, and wild (read: unconventional) options available. After all, who wants nachos spiked with pesticides?

Of the 15 jars we tested, these took the chip.

Best Mild: Drew's All Natural
It's not spicy, but Drew's chunky salsa is far from bland. It packs a hefty helping of cumin and has an oniony, ripe-tomato taste. A good choice for cooking or for serving to kids atop a cheesy quesadilla. $3.29,

Best Hot: Muir Glen
Fire breathers, this jar's for you. There's more to it than heat, though; our tasters detected fresh, green cilantro and organic lime juice in the mix. $3.59,

Best Wild: Amy's Kitchen Black Bean & Corn
Layers of flavor in this hearty, bean- and corn-flecked salsa set it apart. It's smoky, garlicky, and tangy all at once. Served on grilled chicken or rolled into an enchilada, it lends a bit of Southwestern flair to a meal. $3.59,

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