Drinking organic milk to avoid nasty hormones is a no-brainer. So why lower your standards when it comes to dessert?

In honor of summer's arrival, we tasted 17 pints of organic ice cream to find out which vanilla, chocolate, and "wild" flavor deserve precious freezer space. (It's a hard job, but somebody's got to do it.) These three got a cherry on top.

+ Best Vanilla

Ben & Jerry's Organic Vanilla

Smooth, airy, and not overly sweet, this ice cream begs to be served over a brownie or slice of apple pie. With a pure vanilla flavor and velvety texture, it's the next best thing to homemade. $4,

+ Best Chocolate

Green & Black's Organic Chocolate

Previously sold only in the United Kingdom, this dessert's destined to be a hit (it launched in the States in March). Dark chocolate lovers fell for the deep, robust flavor. Not as sweet or milky as the typical pint, it had a distinctly "grown up" vibe. $4.50,

+ Best Wild

Stonyfield Farm Organic Cookies 'n Dream

With sizable cookie chunks and a true vanilla taste, this ice cream is equally kid- and adult-friendly. Like all our favorite scoops, it satisfies a sweet tooth without being too sugary. $4,


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