Designer Stella McCartney is no stranger to ethical causes. A vocal animal rights advocate and the daughter of two famed vegetarians (the Beatles' Paul and his late wife, Linda), McCartney refuses to use fur or leather in her eponymous clothing line, a rare stance in the high-end market. (Her label is part of the Gucci group.) The ethics-driven focus reflects her lifestyle: For this 35-year-old eco-minded mother of two, sustainable is the only way to go.

McCartney's skin-care line, Care, is the latest example of a personal-professional synergy. It started with her first pregnancy. "You stop dyeing your hair; you switch to all-natural products. But after you have the baby, you go back," she says. "I wondered, 'When do you stop caring about what you put on your skin?'"

Care launched in March 2007 at Sephora and caters to those who'd say "never." It contains no endangered plants, genetically modified ingredients, petrochemicals, paraben preservatives, or synthetic fragrances -- and it mandates 100 percent certified organic active ingredients. But unlike many natural-product lines, Care feels luxurious. "Skin care shouldn't be a sacrifice," says McCartney, who lives in London. As her day-to-day choices prove, living the green life doesn't mean giving up the good life.

More Eco-Minded Impacts McCartney Makes

  • She follows a strict vegetarian diet and wears only cruelty-free clothing (often of her own design).

  • McCartney enjoys a healthy mix of workouts. "I do a bit of everything," she says. "I swim, do Pilates, ride my horse. And I ride my bike to work when I can."

  • For a big environmental impact, McCartney recently changed her power source, at home and work. "I switched to Ecotricity, a form of wind power, for my house, shops, and studio last year," she says.

  • Her stores also recycle and use 100 percent biodegradable shopping bags; the packaging for the Care line is totally recyclable, too.

  • "I buy organic as often as possible," McCartney says of her food-buying habits. "Sometimes it's just not practical, but I do what I can. I shop at Whole Foods in the U.K.

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