February 13, 2011

Though organic cotton has garnered the most attention, it isn't the only option in ecofriendly clothing. Keep an eye out for more duds made with fabrics created from sustainable -- and in some cases unexpected -- materials.

The Source: Soy

The Story: A byproduct of soybean oil production, soy proteins are woven into a light jerseylike material that drapes softly over your body and has a bit of stretch.

Find It In: Ellen Cami from 108 by Under the Canopy, $118, underthecanopy.com


The Source: Bamboo

The Story: Manufactured using the pulp of this fast-growing plant, soft bamboo fabric has natural antibacterial properties and wicks sweat away from the body.

Find It In: Bamboo Journey cropped pants from Dreamsacks, $50, dreamsack.com


The Source: Wood Pulp

The Story: Cellulose, the stuff that forms plant cell walls, is extracted from sustainably harvested wood pulp and then spun into a lightweight and wrinkle-resistant fabric called Tencel or Lyocell.

Find It In: Tencel lightweight sweater empire dress from Ecoganik, $42, ecoganik.com


The Source: Corn

The Story: Corn sugars are fermented into polymers, then woven into a fiber known as Ingeo. The result is durable and biodegradable. It's showing up in everything from T-shirts to carpets.

Find It In: Ligase Tee from Moral Fervor, $83, sassylimited.com



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