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Foodie Beauty

Body+Soul, 2007

Crushed Walnut and Spice Warming Foot Scrub by Terranova

Like an instant pedicure, this combo of crushed walnut, sugar, and shea butter clears dead cells and moisturizes feet.

Goat's Milk Soap by Canus

Made with protein-rich goat's milk and plant oils, this old-fashioned soap bar lathers away dirt while leaving skin's natural oils intact.

Floral Cleansing Jelly by L'Occitane

Moisturizing honey stars in this extra-gentle foaming cleanser for sensitive skin. Rose, lemon balm, and lavender extracts boost its soothing properties.

Orange Mint Overnight Foot Treatment by The Savannah Bee Company

Mandarin orange and spearmint essential oils in this foot-softening salve smell like the cooking herb orange mint.

Repairing Action Hand Butter by Fruits & Passion

With cocoa butter and carrot extract, this spot moisturizer fights dryness.

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