Sexuality and sensuality are as fundamental to our health as good nutrition and exercise. If you've experienced low libido and are concerned about it, make an appointment with your doctor, who may screen for hormonal issues or related medical conditions. Simultaneously, over the course of the next month, follow these steps provided by Body+Soul expert,

Dr. Tracy Gaudet.

Remember and Reflect

Think back to a time in your life when your libido was high. How did you feel waking up in the morning or walking down the street? Write about these things in your journal. Next, explore the role that intimacy is playing in your life. How deeply connected do you feel to yourself? If you're in a relationship, when did you last spend emotionally intimate time with each other when you could say anything to each other with complete trust? Write in your journal about these questions and the feelings that surface.

Track Your Desire

In your journal, or even just on your calendar, keep note of your libido. Pay attention to how you feel in your body and how you interact with the world; there may be days when you feel energetic and sensual, or detached and "flat." Note days when you have flirtatious or charged interactions, and keep track of whether you're having sexual fantasies.

Awaken Your Senses

Begin to pay attention to your senses. What makes them come alive? Every day this month, do one small thing that fuels one of your senses. It can be as simple as choosing to wear a certain shirt, because you love the way the fabric feels against your skin; listening to a song that touches your soul; or eating something that you love. Indulge them. You will find that this practice fuels your sensuality.

Have Intimacy, Not Sex

If you have a partner, set aside specific time for intimacy. This might mean an hour away from the house and any possible distractions. Or it could be a "bed day," when you have a whole day (and night) together. Here's the kicker to this designated time: no sex. Just intimacy. After this experience, you need to reflect again. How was that for you? How is your libido? For those women who've been having sex only because their partner desires it, I prescribe one or two months at this level. The key is to be conscious of what your body and soul truly want and need and honor that. I recommend "bed days" for single women, too.

Reflect Again, and Stay Conscious

After following this plan for about a month, spend some time writing in your journal. How do you feel in your body? More sensual? More sexual? Don't expect radical changes overnight; reawakening libido requires time and patience. Keep following the steps above, and keep listening to and trusting your body.

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Martha Stewart Member
May 20, 2008
Love notes and love emails during the day really make me feel sought after. It wakes up my libido a little!