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Protective Hair Treatment

Body+Soul, July/August 2006

With a little advance preparation, you can use the hours spent relaxing on the beach to actually improve the condition of your hair. This treatment creates a barrier around the hair shaft, protecting it from the drying elements of sun, salt, and wind.


1. Either at home or as soon as you arrive at the beach, apply several tablespoons of natural oil to dry hair, working from the ends toward the roots. Jojoba oil makes a good choice because it closely resembles the scalp's natural oil; you can also try olive or camellia oil. Whichever oil you choose, set a few tablespoons aside for the Orange-Jasmine Scrub.


2. Comb through your hair to distribute the oil.


3. Braid or wrap your hair in a secure bun for the rest of the day. When you return home, apply a natural shampoo before wetting your hair to wash out the oil. This allows the shampoo to break down the oil more effectively and keeps water from sliding off slick hair.

Summer hair need not be a hassle. With adequate care and attention, your locks can be just as lustrous during the balmy months as they are throughout the rest of the calendar year. An amalgamation of high-quality products and top-notch techniques will lend your mane radiance. Discover three hair products to extend the vibrancy of your blowout, fashion beachy waves in mere minutes, and learn Martha's must-haves for elegant locks. Furthermore, find foolproof ways to disguise your gray strands, and get the lowdown on how to select the best brush for your hair. Finally, scroll through our complete healthy hair guide to ensure your mane is mesmerizing.


Other Healthy Hair Tips


Shower To-Do's

From choosing the perfect water temperature to lathering with a luxurious shampoo formula, your shower etiquette is essential to preserving your healthy hue.


Best Shade For A Fair Complexion

Lend your locks luster with the ideal fair complexion-highlighting hue.


Best Shade For An Olive Complexion

Give a warm complexion additional illumination by opting for a corresponding color. 


Best Shade For A Dark Complexion

Bestow further rich radiance on a deep complexion with a dark and dynamic hair hue.


Prep For Your Appointment

Properly prepare for your primping appointment with a few expert-approved tips.


Lock In Your New Hue

The 48 hours post-appointment are just as crucial to your color as the dye itself. Refrain from sudsing strands immediately for longer-lasting color.


Protect Your Investment

Prevent UV rays from altering your colorful coiffure by sporting a chic chapeau or broad-spectrum spray.


Camouflage Stubborn or Fast-Growing Grays

Utilize root concealer and a custom color dye to disguise silver streaks.


Keep Brassiness at Bay

Don't allow brassy lowlights to creep into your beautiful 'do. Utilize simple tips to keep your color true.


Keep Your Fiery Red from Fading

Hard water is just as harmful as its name would suggest. Reinforce your red by installing water filtration and carefully choosing the correct shampoo formula.




Color-Treated Hair Tips


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