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Taste Test: Ketchup and Mustard

Body+Soul, July/August 2007

With barbecue and baseball seasons in full swing, Americans once again turn to their favorite condiments. But when it comes to organic, not all reds and yellows are created equal. We tested organic ketchups and yellow mustards and found that these toppers hit the ball out of the park.

Best Ketchup
Whole Foods 365 Organic Ketchup
With a slightly tangy flavor and the right amount of sweetness, this ketchup makes a tasty dipping sauce for french fries. Fans of conventional brands will appreciate its even texture and robust tomato flavor. $2.50,

Best Yellow Mustard
Annie's Naturals Organic Yellow Mustard
More complex than the average yellow mustard, Annie's achieves the perfect blend of spices. The addition of cloves lends a delicate sweetness and pairs nicely with the subtle sea salt. $2.80,

Spotlight on Eden Organic Sauerkraut
No hot dog -- beef or tofu -- is complete without a serving of this sour and salty cabbage blend. Thanks to Eden, we can now enjoy its fiber, vitamin C, and lactobacilli (bacteria that aids the digestive tract) pesticide free. $3.60,

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