Complement your spring exercise routine with yoga to counter stresses and strains, restore balance, and avoid injury.

Practitioners of yoga turn to this mind/body discipline for its unparalleled benefits, from increased strength and flexibility to improved focus and efficient breathing. Now more and more athletes are following suit, incorporating yoga to enhance their capacity to do the sports they love. No matter what your fitness level, yoga can ease the physical discomforts that come with even casual athletic activity. The combination of body-opening yoga poses and deep breathing promotes blood flow to stiff or overused muscles, helping them heal faster.

To help you integrate yoga into your other fitness activities, we worked with Iron Man triathlete and "Iron Yoga" author Anthony Carillo to create yoga "fixes" for the most common problems in three popular sports: running, cycling, and swimming. Try practicing them three to four times each week, either before, after, or on alternate days from your regular workouts to loosen up, strengthen, and balance your body. Whether you routinely bike 20 miles or simply take a regular morning walk, you'll find that incorporating simple yoga poses into your routine can counteract tightness and stress, strengthen your mind/body connection, and help you more fully enjoy your favorite fitness activities.

Yoga Fixes for Running

Yoga Fixes for Cycling

Yoga Fixes for Swimming


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