Even for the most ardent nature lovers, it's hard to appreciate the myriad of bugs that so love us. Although most other creatures have developed effective means to deter insects -- lots of hair, thick skin, tails, scent glands, and mud baths -- human beings come poorly equipped. Tailless, thin-skinned, hairless for the most part, and with scent that attracts rather than repels, we make inviting meals for hordes of insects.

Our response has been to design all manner of chemically based sprays and lotions to fend off insects and soothe the bites. We're discovering, though, that many of these products do as much harm as good for our bodies and the environment. This summer, as insects drone and hum around you when you're out in the woods, working in your garden, or strolling through a meadow gone wild with flowers, consider their importance in the natural scheme of things.

Rather than dousing them with toxins, use a nonchemical spray like

Bugs Be Gone to keep them at bay. If they do bite or sting, try one of the simple remedies listed below. They're safer than chemical products -- and, as you'll find out, they're highly effective.

Bite and Sting Remedies

Bugs Be Gone Spray Recipe


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