Picture-Perfect Birthday Party


Take everyone for a stroll down memory lane with photos of the guest of honor. Include shots from all eras, with lots of friends and family. Unify the images -- and give them classic vintage appeal -- by printing them in black-and-white.

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Photo Wall and Personalized Bottles


Document a life and make a big, bold visual statement at the same time. It's a snap to do -- and inexpensive, too. Print photos in various sizes. Lay them on the floor in the shape of the birthday number to determine your arrangement. Then tape them to a wall. Attach more images to bottles with double-sided tape.

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Personalized Photo Tray


Serve drinks on a memorable tray. Line the exterior bottom of an acrylic tray with a snapshot, enlarged and cut to fit. Attach picture with spray adhesive.

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Photo Party Hats


Pick especially silly or endearing photos of the guest of honor -- choose a few -- for these personalized takes on the classic party hat.

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Photo Booth Invitation Clip Art


Use the iPhone app Photo Booth Classic Plus to make a strip of snaps, and our clip art for an invite in the same size. Join them with a brad, and slip them into a glassine envelope.

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Personalized Birthday Balloons


Use spray adhesive to attach photos (use photo-editing software for round, white borders) to Mylar balloons.

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Party Scrapbook


Leave it up to your guests to make memories. Provide an instant camera, an album, tape, and a pen.

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Tiled Photo Decoration


Combine a favorite image and a nifty computer program (called Rasterbator) to create a tiled birthday decoration that can fill a wall.

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Photo Cupcakes


Have photos printed on edible paper, and smooth them onto frosted cupcakes.

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Personalized Place Mats


Adorn a plain paper mat with a picture in photo corners. For a small party, use them as place cards too --- choose pictures of the guests with the birthday boy or girl.

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Photo Candles


Light up faces with candid candles as your centerpiece. Use photo corners to secure snapshots to the outside of glass candleholders.

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