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Cutout Letter Candles

These handmade beeswax candles shine a warm light on any birthday celebration.

Source: Martha Stewart Living, January


Decorate a cake with candles made from sheets of beeswax and cookie cutters.


  • Letter-shaped cookie cutters

  • Hair dryer

  • Toothpicks


  1. For each candle, cut out 4 of the same letter from beeswax sheets, using cookie cutters. If the wax is hard to handle, soften it using hair dryer (on low).

  2. Make 2 stacks of 2 letters.

  3. Press a toothpick vertically into 1 stack.

  4. Vertically press in the end of the candlewick above the toothpick, so the toothpick and the wick meet. Trim wick to 1 inch above the top of the letter. Press second stack of letters down on top, sandwiching toothpick and wick between them; press to join the stacks of letters together.

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