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Poinsettia Glossary

The Martha Stewart Show, November 2010

While the vibrant-red poinsettia is a traditional symbol of the holiday season, many people don't know that this classic Christmas plant comes in more than 200 varieties and a range of festive colors. Horticulturist Lloyd Traven of Pennsylvania's Peace Tree Farm shares some unique varieties of this popular wintertime plant.

Unnamed Variety
from Ecke Ranch
So new that it does not yet have an official name, this beautiful cardinal-colored poinsettia produces a double ruffled roselike flower.

Luv U Pink
This hot-pink plant is a modern crossbreed from Japan. Though not currently on the market, it should be available sometime next year.

Ice Punch
The Ice Punch poinsettia has leaves with rosy-red edges and white centers that look like frosting.

Reminiscent of variegated holly branches, the Tapestry plant has yellow variegated leaves with a dark Merlot-color bract on the top.

Visions of Grandeur
A fluffy and feminine plant, the Visions of Grandeur poinsettia blooms a beautiful shell pink.

Premium Picasso
Small dots of red and white resemble tiny brushstrokes on the leaves of this colorful plant.

Buying Tip
The colorful part of a poinsettia plant is a bract, or modified leaf. The actual flower of the poinsettia is the tiny "cup" in the center of the bract, called a "cyathia." When buying poinsettias, make sure the cyathia is present and healthy.

For more information, visit Peace Tree Farm, Paul Ecke Poinsettias, and Dummen USA.

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