Radicchio Recipes

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Radicchio Basics


In Season: Radicchio's peak season lasts from January to April, although most specialty grocers carry it year-round.

What to Look For: This member of the chicory family comes in several varieties, with two types being most widely available in the United States: Treviso and Verona. Treviso leaves are oblong with pointed ends and grow in small, tightly packed heads. Verona radicchio grows in loosely packed round heads similar in shape to butter lettuce. Both varieties have purple leaves with white ribs. Choose radicchio with crisp leaves and no brown spots.

How to Store: Keep radicchio in a tightly sealed bag in the refrigerator for up to one week.

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Radicchio, Goat Cheese, and Hazelnut Salad


Radicchio is matched with a perfectly balanced dressing made of extra-virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, and sugar in this easy yet elegant salad. Fresh goat cheese and your choice of toasted nuts -- hazelnuts, almonds, or walnuts -- add creaminess and crunch.

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Sauteed Radicchio with Honey and Balsamic Vinegar


Balsamic vinegar and honey soften the bite of radicchio. This side dish is a great match for roast meats or Italian sausage.

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Radicchio and Endive Side Dish


Hearty, slightly bitter radicchio and endive are sauteed with garlic, chickpeas, and walnuts in this Italian side dish. Serve with eggplant Parmesan or steaks.

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Tricolor Salad

This recipe is a example of perfect combinations: radicchio, with its crunch and elegant bitter flavors, is balanced by the sweet corn and cool cucumbers. The vegetables are tossed with an assertive dressing for a salad that has it all.

Get the Tricolor Salad Recipe

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Radicchio and Mushroom Chicken Roulade


A mixture of mushrooms, chicken liver, sage, Marsala wine, and radicchio is rolled up in pounded-thin chicken breasts to create an impressive main dish. The chicken roulades are served with roasted cipollini onions and sauteed mushrooms.

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Frisee and Radicchio Salad

Beatriz DaCosta

Feathery light-green frisee and deep purple radicchio make a handsome pair in this robustly flavored salad. In addition to the easy red-wine vinegar and Dijon mustard dressing, you may toss in toasted nuts, chopped dried figs, or sliced pear.

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Roasted Radicchio


The somewhat bitter flavor of radicchio becomes softer and sweeter after roasting. Before serving, each wedge of roasted radicchio is drizzled with balsamic vinegar and garnished with shavings of Parmesan cheese.

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Arugula Salad with Figs, Pine Nuts, and Radicchio


Radicchio, arugula, and fresh figs make a gorgeous color combination. Serve this salad with roasted lamb or pan-seared steak.

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Radicchio Flat Bread with Whipped Ricotta

Beatriz Da Costa

Homemade yeast dough is topped with fresh ricotta cheese and wedges of radicchio, and baked until browned and chewy. Serve this rustic dish cut into wedges as an appetizer before an Italian meal, or alongside a bowl of minestrone soup.

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Radicchio Salad with Golden Raisins


Golden raisins provide a pleasing contrast of flavors and textures to the somewhat bitter radicchio in this salad. Sweetened lemon vinaigrette further softens the flavor of the radicchio and provides a refreshing touch.

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Orecchiette with Mushrooms, Radicchio, and Gorgonzola

Yunhee Kim

Mushrooms are sauteed with shallots and white wine, then combined with thyme, parsley, lemon, and sliced radicchio. This mixture is tossed with orecchiette pasta and crumbled Gorgonzola cheese to make a flavorful vegetarian main course.

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Radicchio-Cabbage Slaw with Honey

Frances Janisch

Shredded radicchio and a honey-sherry vinegar dressing add a touch of sophistication to this coleslaw recipe. This slaw can be prepared up to a day in advance.

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Treviso Radicchio Salad with Walnut Vinaigrette


Treviso is a variety of radicchio that grows in small, oblong heads and whose robust leaves stand up well to a warm shallot and walnut vinaigrette. Before serving, the salad is topped with crisped pancetta and shaved Pecorino Toscano cheese.

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Spaghetti with Radicchio and Ricotta


Spaghetti and creamy ricotta cheese are mixed with shredded radicchio and garlicky, parsley-flecked toasted breadcrumbs. Serve as a side dish with grilled shrimp or steak, or enjoy it as a vegetarian entree.

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Radicchio and Endive Salad


A vinaigrette of red wine vinegar, olive oil, and honey is whisked in a salad bowl before tossing in the sliced radicchio and endive. Serve this sophisticated salad as is, or sprinkle with chopped bacon, dried cherries, or toasted walnuts.

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Radicchio and Orange Salad


Radicchio, toasted almonds, and golden raisins are tossed in a sweet and fragrant dressing of red-wine vinegar and orange juice and zest. This salad can be made up to a day ahead of time.

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Grilled Radicchio and Fontina


Wedges of radicchio are brushed with a balsamic-oregano vinaigrette and then browned in a grill pan. Fontina cheese is tucked between the leaves and sprinkled over the top to melt while the radicchio is cooking.

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Radicchio Slaw with Green Beans and Cauliflower


The bold dressing for this slaw is made by blending together anchovies, lemon zest and juice, Dijon mustard, roasted garlic, and olive oil. Sliced radicchio and blanched cauliflower and green beans are coated in the dressing, and the slaw is topped with Parmesan cheese before serving.

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