Though cranberries are a popular item on the Thanksgiving table, few people actually know how the delicious and healthy berries are grown. To educate people about this unique fruit, Ocean Spray created a 1,500-square-foot freestanding cranberry bog in the heart of Manhattan's Rockefeller Center where second-generation cranberry grower Adrienne Kravitz demonstrates the harvesting process for crowds of curious onlookers.

How Cranberries

Are Harvested

The majority of cranberries grown in America are wet-harvested. The process begins with cranberry vines, which are grown in bogs with moist soil. At harvest time, the bog is flooded with water. Harvesting equipment loosens the berries from the vines, and they float to the surface of the water, where they are vacuumed out of the bog and directly onto a tractor trailer bed. The cranberries are then cleaned and sent to Ocean Spray, where they will be made into juices, sauces, and Craisins.


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