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Pinecone Turkeys

Add a festive touch to the holiday table with easy-to-make pinecone turkey decorations.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, November 2010


Turn them into seasonal place cards by tucking a small slip of paper with your guest's name in between the feathers.


  • "Double Arches" Large Punch Around the Page set

  • Cardstock in assorted fall colors

  • Small pinecones

  • White glue


  1. To create one feather, punch paper with "Double Arches" corner punch. Cut punched shape from paper, tapering at bottom to make an ice cream cone shape. Repeat to make five feathers in assorted colors.

  2. Turn pinecone onto its side (the bottom will be the back; the top will be the face). Dab a small amount of glue on bottom of punched feathers. Insert feathers between the scales on the back of the pinecone in a fan arrangement.

  3. To form beak, cut a small triangle from paper and crease; glue to front of pinecone.

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